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Marble Polishing in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches

Let ProjectQuoterr be your go-to resource for South Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach’s best marble polishing and restoration companies. For over 10 years, we’ve successfully help South Florida homeowners find reputable, experience marble polishing, cleaning and restoration services that ONLY provide top quality work.

Our technicians have restored, cleaned and polishing thousands of homes in our local area, providing top notch work, leaving your floors, countertops and showers like new!

Marble Grinding- Marble grinding is the process of flattening marble to the grout line to help assit with cleaning. Here at ProjectQuoterr, our marble polishing and restoration technicians grind away that excess natural sonte to help in the restoration of the surface. Using only today’s latest and greatest marble polishing and restoration equipment and technology, our marble grinding process is efficient and helps create a marble surface like no other!

Marble Polishing Miami

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Honing – Over time, your marble countertops and floors will start to see circles, dullness and wear. While this is common, there’s no need to stare at these imperfections day in, day out. ProjectQuoterr’s marble honing process helps reduce and eliminate these marks on your marble, creating a surface that make the marble polishing and restoration process easier, and the final result amazing!

Marble Sealing – Help reduce the amount of stain your marble floors, countertops and shower attract with marble sealing. Completed just about every few years, marble sealing is a great addition to any marble polishing, cleaning or restoration project. Save the tough marble restoration jobs and projects to the professional at ProjectQuoterr.

Basic Marble Cleaning – While many of you DIY homeowner love to get your hands dirty, marble cleaning can actually be a large job. Especially with marble floors and countertops, marble present many different challenges. Since marble is a very pourus stone, it can attract many stains. Beyond the wear and tear, marble does not react well to most cleaners you find in your store. Special marble cleaning formulas are best for small marble cleaning and restoration jobs. For larger marble cleaning and restoration projects, call a profession marble cleaning company. A professional marble cleaning technician found at ProjectQuoterr can quickly clean and polish the marble using specialty equipment, as well as top of the line products not available in most chain stores.

For more information on all of our marble cleaning and polishing and restoration services, call us today for a FREE estimate!

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