Hurricane Window Cost

Hurricane Window Cost

When researching the best possible protection for your South Florida home this hurricane season, hurricane windows are typically always the best choice.  But a common question is the hurricane window cost. While there are certain plenty of options to protect your home and family against high winds and hurricane debris, hurricane windows prove themselves to be the best option time and time again.

When weighing your options for hurricane protection, most homeowners will be swayed by cost. We are often asked whether hurricane windows are worth the cost compared to the alternatives. Traditional window installation can run about 30-50% cheaper than hurricane window installation. While you would certainly be saving money in the process, you would still need to protect your home from storms and hurricanes when the time comes. During this time, you’ll need either hurricane shutters or hurricane screens. With these options, you’ll need to install when a storm approaches, which can be bothersome and will not look as attractive as professionally installed hurricane windows.

Additional Cost Benefits of Hurricane Windows:

  • Insurance Discounts
  • Tax Discounts and Benefits
  • Energy Efficiency Adds Energy Savings
  • Less Maintenance
  • Lasts for years!

Think of it this way: Hurricane window installation typically pays for itself. With the purchase of high quality energy efficient hurricane windows, the cost savings over the years will be huge! While pricing varies from window to window and prices may come down depending on the amount of windows installed, hurricane window installation is your best option for hurricane season.

To discuss your hurricane window options and the costs and pricing associated with your hurricane window installation, contact us today!

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